Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY Unity Candle

My fiancé was raised Jewish, I was raised Catholic; now we're both atheists and are planning our wedding (a civil ceremony, of course). He doesn't want any reference to anything remotely religious, so anything like "blessing," "this holy day," "the spirit" is out. I still want to do the Unity candle, because I really like the symbolism; the challenge was to make it non-religous. I have yet to see anything marketed as a unity candle that didn't have a cross on it, and hadn't found regular, pretty candles that fit the picture I had in mind, so I made one. It's really easy, but pushing the pins in left my thumb sore for several days.

Materials:                                                   Candle                                                          Scotch Tape                                                  Graph Paper                                                      Pen or Pencil                                                    Pins with Pearlized Heads

1. Draw your design on the graph paper. I did a simple grid, offset by two squares in either direction. Design anything you want, but be careful not to put the pins too close together. If they're too close together, they don't quite go in all the way, and any slight misalignment will be very noticeable. 

2. Putting tape on one end of the paper, tape paper to candle, being sure to line up the bottom of the paper with the bottom of the candle. 

3. Carefully wrap the remainder of the graph paper around the candle, again keeping the bottoms in line. Tape the paper to keep it in place.
4. Push the pins halfway in as marked, all the way around the candle. 

5. Gently tear away the graph paper. Remove any spare bits of paper or tape stuck on the candle.

6. Push the pins in the rest of the way. Ta dah!

The finished project
Close up

For a different look, you could use straight, unadorned pins alone, or put a bead or sequin on the head. 

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