Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas Catch Up Pt 2

I made several of these candle holders this Christmas, inspired by a few ideas I saw on Pinterest: jars painted on the inside, and jars surrounded by cinnamon sticks.

When lit, they glow. It's really pretty. 

I intended to make a photo tutorial, but I neglected to take pictures as I went along. And I didn't blog them immediately. My memory isn't perfect, but this is basically what I did:


Clean mason jar(s)
Cinnamon sticks
Glue gun and hot glue
Acrylic paint
Steak Knife

1. Thin the paint slightly by adding a drop of water. Paint the inside of the jar, let dry completely. Repeat until desired opacity/transparency is achieved.
2. Cut each cinnamon stick in half lengthwise. I found the score-and-snap method easiest.
3. Glue cinnamon sticks to the outside of the jar.

These pics are from the first one that I made. I didn't quite have enough cinnamon sticks, so I cut a few into quarters lengthwise.

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