Thursday, March 1, 2012


Pics of the revised sweater from hell will be coming soon. I tried to take some myself using a tripod and the timer setting on my camera; the pictures didn't turn out well. I'll ask Ben to take some when he gets home, and try to get them up later tonight. 

I was in need of a little inspiration, so I went to my neighborhood LYS, Yellow Dog Knitting (Eau Claire, WI). They did not disappoint. 

I intended to get sock yarn for my first attempt at socks, I came away with a whole lot more.

This is for the socks. The bright colors will keep me interested as I go, since I intend to use a simple, basic pattern. 

This lace yarn was calling to me. It's a wool-mulberry silk blend; I love how it feels, and it has a nice luster. I had to take two pictures.

The gold one is a cotton-viscose blend that really shines. An idea is percolating, combining this yarn with this next one...

...with a creamy white mercerized cotton, and possibly some gold-ish beads I have on hand. Stay tuned. 

 Don't they play well together?

After Yellow Dog, I looked for some kind of a headpiece for my wedding. There was a fascinator that I loved, from the store where I bought my dress; I went back to look at the fascinator again, and didn't like it. Or anything else they had. So I made a trip to a craft store, and we'll see what I can come up with from these materials:

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